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All students should graduate from high school ready for college, careers, the military, or any future they choose in life. College and career-ready graduates should be able to enter and succeed in entry-level post-secondary classes without the need for remediation.

Rockport-Fulton ISD is dedicated to providing advanced, challenging, and pertinent education that readies students for higher education and a diverse array of lucrative and sought-after professions. Throughout each program's progression, students acquire valuable skills that can guide them toward a future career or set them on a path toward a college education.

Our objective is to ensure our graduates can pursue their desired futures and seamlessly integrate into our interconnected global society.

What is CCMR?
College Career and Military Readiness (CCMR) is about preparing students for life after graduation. It is made up of curriculum, resources, programs and activities that help students have the tools they need to enter college or the workforce and begin a career. CCMR is integrated into the everyday culture of our district and is supported by state guidelines, partnerships with higher education organizations and businesses.
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How do we help prepare students?
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CCMR is important from elementary to graduation. Our academics are structured around giving students a well-rounded educational foundation for specialized learning later in life. 

Helping students to discover and plan for their future is part of daily life across the district through our:

  • Challenging curriculum
  • Informative resources and tools
  • Supportive staff
  • Events and activities that jumpstart planning such as College Night and career days
  • College testing paid for by the district